Crash Boom Zing

by Arc Type Set

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just some old songs.


released May 12, 2016



all rights reserved


Arc Type Set Port Angeles, Washington

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Track Name: Deuce
Welcome to the world today (tell me everything)
You've gone and gave yourself away.
(right is wrong and left is right)
But what you're left with is a terrible mess.

I'm ready to know, why won't you let it go?
It's all or nothing.
I never said I wanted you to let me in, but I...
Got my story and kept my morals clean.
You don't mean anything.

You're making this hard to belive..
(I checked your records, yea... they're clean)
I read them all and personally I thought we'd try for honesty.
Track Name: Esaw
If you keep this up we'll go no where and see nothing new.
There's so much left to do.

Say we had no regrets, at the end of our time we'd rest well knowing we were everythng but what they said we'd be.
If you still want to go lets go, if you still want to try I'll try with you or let this die with you.

Say you'll live with me, and we could get away from this soon.
Cause I can take this, no I can't fake shit.
Track Name: Dayvus
Are we walking backwards? Cause I'm not seeing progress...
and it's been about four years since I have even slept or heard your footsteps.

We'll be okay it should end like this with sugar coated apathy outside your apartment.

Buckle down and bite your tongue; it helps it go down faster.
I know what you're after but I'm not sure where it was you faltered.

Where's my collar, what's my purpose?
Track Name: Vino
The children never listen to the warning sounds of admission.
We know it's all the same.
Oh cruel world, what have you done with starving hearts of rebellion?
Keep us at bay, keep us in chains.

Inviting chaos,
Signing the new lease with a bombshell.
Inbreeding white lies to keep up in check and keep us in line.

The more you try to figure it our the less you learn and the more you shout for...
Answer me please I don't need any doors without keys.

The less you learn the more you shout.
Track Name: Get Glad
It's hard to tell which way to go when both of the roads are narrow.
Each way you take there's another mistake you haven't made.
Each Way you go there's bridge that you'll burn and stones you'll throw.

Every Year it's the same design just with changing patterns.
Love and Loss; Live and Death are born again to re-ignite passion.
Time is spent on precident to find out who we are.

Get gone. No one sees a failure as a work of art. Be smart; remember what you came for... Start forgetting what you're not.

All the puzzle pieces set; for you it's never done.
If you're looking for something new you'll never find it here.
Track Name: Spinning
Keep it spinning; Cycle Psycho Cycle.
Let me hold your innocence.
Are you afraid of the dark?
Turn the lights off, let me hold your morals close.

Raise your glass to all the bullshit and ego-trips,
it's the life we live, such a burden.
Water under the bridge, you're drowning.
should learn to swim before you're in.

Are you sleeping with eyes wide shut?
I know, She knows, He knows...
It's a consequence a bitter end.
Dont blame yourself...

Quit playing the victim.
We both know what shes done.
I'll see you in hell.
Track Name: Embarrassed
Slowly growing more infatuated with my own decay.
Wounds still festering... Your age it show and it becomes you so.

All the despair... The misery and disheartenment.
My stomach's full of pride, my hearts lament.

How could I know the heat would leave my bones and leave me cold?
Track Name: Nobody Knows
Nobody Knows me.
Everyone watches you.
People stop and stammer inspiered with lust, enamored.

Deaf and dumb and blind we stand like statues... Stoic, Dead.

Nobody knows me.
I see the ties binding their feet and blinding their eyes.
Alone in the world but not on your own, an army of ego following on.
Track Name: Palace Packed of People
Never been so alone in a palace packed with people,
Without a soul in sight,
Hollow shells with hungry eyes.
Try to believe in a lie, and starve the truth from light.
Keeping it shut for the fear of whats coming from nothing...
we're so depressing.

I've lost all my steam. Dear Warmth, come back to me.

Never felt so unclean witnessing what cannot be unseen.
Seen all there is we can be: a working mans suburban dream.
Obsessed with the pride you recieve and hold your breath for
a boy in a cage working dollar a day coming from nothing.
It's so depresssing.

Never been so afraid of letting myself become
the man who could never make anything of himself.
The time I would never take; The offers made and the big mistake was
Keeping it shut for the fear what I'm becoming Im nothing I'm so depressing.